Roughly half of all pregnancies in Australia are unintentional and between one quarter and one third of women in Australia will experience an abortion in their lifetime. If you find yourself pregnant and don’t want to be, then abortion is an option for you.


If an abortion is a choice that you are thinking of, you don’t have to be alone. Blue Water Medical, speak to and help women every day, just like you. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly. There are ways to prepare yourself emotionally for an abortion.


1. Educate yourself about the best abortion for you;

Medical Abortion

Approximately 25 percent of women undergo an abortion, choose the “abortion pill”, also known as a Medical abortion. Mifepristone is taken orally. Mifepristone blocks progesterone which prevents the embryo from growing. The second lot of tablets are Misoprostol, these tablets are taken at home 24 — 48 hours after the abortion pill by placing two tablets on either side of your mouth between your cheek and gum and allowing them to dissolve.

The second visit to Blue Water Medical Clinic will entail a vaginal ultrasound. This procedure takes place two to three weeks after the abortion pill has been taken. This visit will ensure all the tissue has been expelled out of your uterus. For more information on medical abortion, symptoms and what to expect.


Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortion takes between 5 -20 minutes and is 96-100 percent effective. Surgical abortion involves removing the placenta and fetus from your uterus, through your vagina. For more information on surgical abortion, symptoms and what to expect.


The Doctors at Blue Water Medical will consult with you’re the methods and important details on what to expect before, during and after your procedure. Whichever method you decide, the Doctors and staff at Blue Water Medical will support you.


2. Safely and Legally

When a medical abortion is performed under a medical professional, the procedure is safe and lawful. With fewer complications and risks associated than with childbirth. Especially when completed within the first trimester.


3. How to Feel

There is no right or wrong way to feel. Everyone is different. The men in our lives can also go through the same emotions as yourself; grief, guilt, relief or even a mix of emotions. If you or your partner require counselling, please contact Blue Water Medical. If you are prone to anxiety or depression, a counsellor would be encouraged.


4. How much is an Abortion

Abortion is a personal procedure and our friendly caring non- judging staff are happy to answer your questions.


5. Telling People

When it comes to telling or not telling your friends or family is completely up to you. You may feel like talking to someone close. Testing the waters by discussing “a tv show you saw on abortion” or “a friend of mine had an abortion”.


6. Post Abortion

You may want to take one to two days off work after your surgical abortion. If you have chosen the medical abortion, the day after the second pill would be recommended.

Ensure you have pain killers, pads, food and water handy after your procedure. It’s extremely important to stay hydrated after the procedure. Buy some ginger ale, soups, sports drinks and even minty tea to help with a nauseous stomach. Rest as much as you can. Catch up on some tv and sleep.

Blue Water Medical do not recommend putting anything in the vagina soon after a STOP. The concern is that it may increase the risk of infection. To be on the safe side refrain from swimming or baths, no tampons or sex (vaginal penetration sex) for a week.

You will need to stock up on pads, to soak and monitor the bleeding. Either procedure, medical or surgical; you may experience heavy bleeding followed by spotting in the last few days. Remember just like every abortion, post abortion is different for every woman. You may have virtually no bleeding or very little.

To reduce cramping, ibuprofen is advised over aspirin which is known to thin your blood and increase the chances of bleeding more. Heat packs, hot water bottles are also encouraged to reduce symptoms such as cramping.

If in doubt or you have concerns, feel free to contact the staff at Blue Water Medical.

7. Distractions


We give our patients the utmost attention and care, sometimes this may mean there may be some time spent in the waiting room before your surgical procedure. You may also need to rest after the procedure. It’s a great idea to keep yourself occupied. Earphones to listen to music or podcasts, playing games on your phone and reading a book or even a friend by your side may help.


8. Supportive Companion

If you are having a surgical abortion, then having someone take you home after the procedure is a requirement. However, having someone that’s calm and supportive of you and your decision, by your side whilst your waiting is your choice.

Think about what you might need and who will be the best carer after the procedure, at home. Who will be able to run to the pharmacy or heat your hot water bottle up or even watch a movie with you.

9. Birth Control

A birth control plan will be discussed to discourage unplanned pregnancy in the future. It is possible to have an IUD inserted on your follow up appointment after your medical abortion or even inserted on the same day during your surgical abortion.

Talk to friends to about their experiences with birth control and research the different alternatives that may suit you.

10. This is your body and your decision.

Whatever choice you make in dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, you can change your mind at any time. Including the last second of getting the abortion. If you are unsure, or you’re anxiously suffering seek assistance by talking out the reasons on why you made your current choice. A counsellor can help you work through your emotions and help you bring them to the surface clearly.


Blue Water Medical is here to support you, your body and your choice. Contact us today.