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Well Women Check

All women should get a check up every 2 years. This checks that the uterus, ovaries and breasts are healthy. A pap smear can be taken and tests done for sexually transmitted infections including Chlamydia. We also provide referrals for mammograms when appropriate.

Pap smears

Women should start having pap smears five years after they have begun having sex. 
Dr Brumby and Dr McPhee take pride in being very gentle when doing a pap smear, which only takes about 30 seconds. Women have come from interstate and overseas to have Dr McPhee perform their pap smears.
Very occasionally, some women can be so nervous that they need to have a sedation anaesthetic (asleep) for a pap. This can be done at Macquarie Fields Women’s Clinic and at Blue Water Medical at Coffs Harbour.

Breast checks

An essential part of a well women check up is a breast check. Drs Brumby and McPhee can also show women how to check their own breasts. Any abnormalities in the breasts can be followed up with a mammogram referral.

Vaginal Problems

Painful vulval and genital conditions are often poorly understood or dismissed as trivial. There are many possible causes and when this condition is wrongly diagnosed or inadequately treated it can threaten a woman’s relationship and significantly impact on her personal wellbeing. These conditions are sometimes called vulvadynia. Dr McPhee has a long interest in this and is very successful in treating resistant cases.

Menopause Advice and Treatment

Dr McPhee has a special interest in menopause management. She is a member of the Australasian Menopause Society and regularly attends conferences to keep up to date in this rapidly changing area of medicine. She tailors advice and therapy, including hormone replacement, to suit individual women’s needs. She is only available at Macquarie Fields.

Fertility Checks

Available only at Macquarie Fields. If a couple is planning a pregnancy they can see Dr McPhee for a general reproductive health check, pre-pregnancy advice and testing. If they are having problems with conception, Dr McPhee can organise screening tests and a referral to an appropriate specialist.


There are lots of different pills available and our doctors have years of experience at finding the best one for you. Some women have problems that prevent them from taking the pill, or can’t find a pill that suits them, or would prefer another method. There are many new methods that are more reliable than the pill and we can advise women about their options.


Dr’s Brumby and McPhee are both experts at Implanon insertion and removal. 

We have an arrangement with a local chemist and so we always have a supply of Implanon at the clinics at Macquarie Fields and Coffs Harbour. Or your GP can write you a script and you can get it filled and bring the device with you.

IUD and IUS Insertion and Removal

There are two types of devices:
the mirena IUS, which has a hormone in it, or the copper IUD which uses copper to stop a pregnancy.

Only Dr Brumby inserts IUDs and IUS devices at our clinics. She has done so for 30 years and is very experienced. Most women have them inserted when they are awake. It is a little uncomfortable but quite bearable. Some women prefer to be asleep. A strong sedation is available at Macquarie Fields and Coffs Harbour. If you want to have sedation, you need to fast for five hours before your appointment and you cannot drive until the next day. Medicare covers sedation so there is no extra fee. If there are no strings it is a good idea to be sedated, as removal can be uncomfortable. Our clinics have a specially made hook for removal of devices without strings.

At Macquarie Fields and Coffs Harbour we have an arrangement with a local chemist and we always have Mirenas in stock. We also keep a supply of copper IUDs. You can also get your GP to write out a script and you can get it from your local chemist before the appointment.

Pregnancy Counselling

Pregnancy is not always planned and can sometimes be unwanted. Deciding what to do can be very difficult. Our doctors provide non-judgemental counselling to help a woman decide her best option. Her partner can also attend the session. We do ultrasounds to determine the pregnancy’s dates and can provide referrals for antenatal care.

Pregnancy Terminations

Dr Brumby has been performing terminations for 30 years and is a leader in her field. Surgical terminations (STOP) are available at Macquarie Fields and Coffs Harbour. At all our clinics, we specialise in medical abortions (MTOP) i.e. the abortion pill is taken to produce a miscarriage instead of having surgery. Many women prefer this option.

Sexually Transmitted Infection

Checks can be done at all the clinics for STIs including Chlamydia. A Chlamydia check is either a swab taken from the cervix or a urine test. The swab can be done during a pap smear and only adds a few seconds to the test. All patients are notified if the test is positive. A prescription for treatment can be posted out to you as well as one for your male partner.
We also check other STIs such as hepatitis and HIV (the AIDS virus) with a blood test. All tests are absolutely confidential.

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