How to get a vasectomy?

How to get a Vasectomy If you haven’t heard about Roe v. Wade Overturn on June 24, you’ve been living under a rock. Whilst most people’s beliefs are that “It’s a setback of 50 years to US women’s rights”. Vasectomy Influencers and Google Trends, show the story of men stepping up and taking responsibility with […]

Reproductive Coercion

What is Reproductive Coercion? Reproductive coercion is nothing new; the sexual misconduct, is about power, manipulation and control. Most of all it’s abuse, there have been instances where men have been convicted. In 2006, the “me too” movement was founded by Tarana Burke, to help survivors of sexual violence, find their way to healing. In […]

Abortion – Grief and Moving on

Abortion – Grief and Moving on The decision has been made, either together with the father or alone. Too many people will judge, society can be harsh. The emotional experience is one that needs to be addressed before recovery can take place. Every abortion circumstances are unique, so is every recovery process. If you have […]

Is abortion legal in my state

Is Abortion Legal in Australia?

Is Abortion Legal in Australia? As discussed previously, abortions are common and are safe when performed lawfully by a medical practitioner. Regardless of the slow campaign to decriminalise abortion, not all states in Australia are created equal. It is important to know, the laws in your state. New South Wales Illegal abortion is a serious […]

10 ways to mentally and physically prepare for your abortion

Roughly half of all pregnancies in Australia are unintentional and between one quarter and one third of women in Australia will experience an abortion in their lifetime. If you find yourself pregnant and don’t want to be, then abortion is an option for you.   If an abortion is a choice that you are thinking […]

Abortion Grief

According to an article published by Gina Rushton, from BuzzFeed, an article on abortion was removed from the website Mamamia.  The removed article (Post abortion syndrome: The condition so many don’t want to talk about) focused on post-abortion syndrome, which is often reported by groups opposed to abortion, but medical professionals and scientific research have […]