How to get a vasectomy?

How to get a Vasectomy

If you haven’t heard about Roe v. Wade Overturn on June 24, you’ve been living under a rock. Whilst most people’s beliefs are that “It’s a setback of 50 years to US women’s rights”. Vasectomy Influencers and Google Trends, show the story of men stepping up and taking responsibility with an increase in Google searches of the following topics;

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How to get a vasectomy








Getting a Vasectomy

Vasectomies are one of the most daunting procedures for a man. However, it is the most effective and safest form of Birth Control.

1. It is safe as there is a lower risk of complications than tubal ligation (female sterilisation).

2. Vasectomies are performed in outpatient surgery by experienced surgeons. The procedure lasts no more than 30 minutes.

3. Most men who have had a vasectomy say they would recommend it to others.

4. You won’t feel anything, the procedure is all completed under local anesthetic.

If I get a vasectomy do I still ejaculate?

Men who get an erection and ejaculate before the vasectomy will be able to after the vasectomy. The only difference is your ejaculation will no longer contain sperm. The testes will still produce sperm, however the tubes (vas deferens) have been cut and can no longer transport the sperm to the urethra.

The body absorbs the sperm. You will not even notice the difference in the amount of semen when you ejaculate as sperm makes up a very minor amount to your semen.

The production of testosterone is not affected, therefore there is no change in your sex drive. The vasectomy will not affect your orgasm, the appearance or taste of your semen. Most couples say they enjoy sex again, as they don’t have to be concerned about falling pregnant.

Do you get put under for a vasectomy?

Blue Water Medical vasectomy surgeons use a local anesthetic to numb the scrotal area. Just like going to a dentist. You will not feel any pain, maybe some slight tugging. If you prever, you can opt to have intravenous sedation, this will relax you, you will feel sleepy and no pain.

Vasectomy Reversal success rate

Vasectomies are considered a permanent solution for Birth Control. It is intended to be a lifelong choice. You and your partner should be sure. Most men who undergo Vasectomy are already fathers, and do not want any more children.

Sometimes, situations change, there may be a separation in the partnership and the father meets someone who wants to have a baby. It is possible to have a vasectomy reversal in Australia, whilst the success rate is high, there is no guarantee of a successful outcome. To achieve pregnancy after a vasectomy reversal, depends on two key factors, how long it has been since your vasectomy and your partner’s age.

Vasectomy Influencers

Doctors around the world have spent their careers promoting vasectomies, even one Dr. Jonathan Heatly in the UK had performed his own vasectomy. With his wife by his side and a nurse, in case he passed out, he administered local anesthetic to his groin, before making a small incision to his scrotum, cauterizing and sealing off his vas deferens, before stitching himself up.

It’s common for men to do it together, like the three friends who all had kids close together, they shared holidays before kids and with kids, so they thought why not share the vasectomy together. They planned to have their procedures completed right before the basketball season, so they could recover together with a remote in their hand.


Enjoy this article about the Vasectomy Influencers written in The Atlantic Kaitlyn Tiffany.

You do not need a Dr’s referral for a vasectomy, simply call the Blue Water Medical clinic on 9605 2247 and book in. Vasectomies in South West Sydney are completed on Thursdays once a month and you can receive a partial rebate from Medicare.

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